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History, Mission Statement, & Philosophy

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Mission Statement

At Haystack Farms, our mission is to consistently produce premium hay and provide a trusted, proven sprigging service in the southern portion of the United States.


Haystack Farms, Inc. is a good ole hometown, friendly, hard-working family business esablished in 1986 by William & Sally Lloyd, Jr., and son William, III.  Farming is not a foreign concept to them.  In fact, their profession has deep roots.  The family of William, Jr. had a successful turkey farm in Jacksonville for many years and had a great reputation across north Florida.  They also expanded to include chicken farms.  Sally's famiy had a promient dairy farm for many, many years in Jacksonville and Callahan, FL.  The extension of that dairyfamily is now third and fourth generation in several towns in south Georgia.  Therefore, William III had an early, thorough, farming education from parents, grandparents, great grandparents & beyond.

Upon transplanting to Suwannee County in 1985 from Jacksonville with the vision of establishing a "retirement hay farm business", the Lloyds worked diligently to establish their hay fields and grow their crop.  Equipment was needed to work the land and harvest the hay.  As business goes in the ag industry, extra income was needed to pay for the equipment necessary to work the hay crop.  The idea was birthed in William III's creative, efficient mind to start up a sprigging service.  Satisfied customers spread the word about a much needed service for cattlemen, ranchers, horse farms, and other hay farmers.  A niche market was found & fulfilled.  The sprigging service grew with the hay sales.

In June, 1995, William III married a gal from Jacksonville.  She transplanted to the woods of Suwannee County & has worked successfully with the family farm ever since.  Jenny learned everything from operating tractors to hauling hay to paperwork.  They now have three beautiful daughters who can bale hay with the best of 'em.


We know that the secret to building a successful farming business includes such honorable virtues as a faith in God, pride in country, hard-work, creativity, patience, consistency, having a versatile operations, and a willingness to do what it takes.  The customers are always valued in our company!

We combine impeccable service with 
a premium product for a win-win situation.

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